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Roman Glass from Afghanistan | Country Beads


Roman glass is very valued for its lovely color in addition to its antiquity. In jewelry making, it’s usually offered as particular person items or shards which have been drilled, however these small bottles are very particular since they’re utterly intact. Crafted 2000 years in the past, these small Roman glass bottles are lovely and thrilling finds from Afghanistan. On this interval, Romans would deliver glassware to Afghanistan to commerce, because it was a extremely necessary commerce hub on the time.
Whereas glass making had been round for the reason that fifteenth century B.C., glass blowing as a method was invented in 50 B.C. by the Phoenicians. Within the first century A.D., Rome grew to become a serious glass blowing centre within the Roman Empire and Romans started utilizing glass blowing strategies to make quite a lot of objects, from ingesting vessels to home windows. Glass blowing was extra environment friendly and subsequently made glass objects simpler to supply and extra reasonably priced.


Small bottles like these have been probably meant to carry perfumes or oils, and even smaller ones may be discovered that might have been worn across the neck on a string.
Roman glass is available in many colors, together with blue, teal, inexperienced, and amber. The most typical are the green-teal shades, which is precisely what we now have right here at Nation Beads. Cobalt blue is among the many rarest because it was the costliest to supply, and equally uncommon amber-coloured glass is fascinating for its golden shine.
One of the lovely elements of Roman Glass is the patina. The rainbow of the patina highlights the color of the glass, and nearly seems like a man-made coating or impact. Nevertheless, it’s utterly pure – the iridescent layer types on the surface of the jars on account of the chemical response between the glass and the soil round it, which implies they’re much more lovely at present than after they have been made!



Author: Randy Moore